Franklin Macon, Original Documented Tuskegee Airman – by Stephanie Prescott, Joyful Traditions Partner

I had the pleasure of meeting Frank several times during the writing process of his early life story, I Wanted to be a Pilot – The Making of a Tuskegee Airman. It was published in 2018. Frank was a special person, always happy with a quick wit. He didn’t pretend to know all about everything, but he did love his own story and his generation. Frank was born August 4, 1923. His early life circumstances today would be considered sad or disadvantaged. To Frank it was wonderful. It’s what made his story great and his perseverance unstoppable.

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Franklin Macon Enters North Middle School

Back in Time for Franklin!

This week Frank and Liz had the pleasure to visit three of Frank’s childhood schools in Colorado Springs. Frank and Liz delivered books to three of the schools Frank attended in his youth. Bristol Elementary, North Middle School and Palmer High School. When Frank attended the schools, North Middle School was called North Junior High and Palmer High School was called Colorado Main High School. Frank was received with open arms. Each school is delighted to add Frank’s book to their library.

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