Curious Frank

You’ve heard of Curious George before, well that’s how Frank was as a child and still is today! Frank says he always wanted to learn how things worked. How clocks ticked. How airplanes flew. He wasn’t so keen on learning to read or simple math. Those concepts were hard for him, he didn’t know why at the time, but he learned as an adult that he had dyslexia. Words and numbers jumped around on the paper. That’s why taking items apart and putting them back together is so much easier for Frank. Physical pieces and parts couldn’t move around in his mind.

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Frank’s Mama Was a Great Cook!

“It was the depression, but we always had food.” Frank says proudly. His great aunt who he called Mama was a tremendous cook. She was so good, she became a local cateress. That’s what Franks says. Mama didn’t work for the local butcher, but she was always asked for tips. Mama knew how to prepare venison, rabbit, squirrel, and other wild game. Mama could take the “dog” meat, which meant the bones left at the butchers and make a delightful soup dinner. When Mama would make potato pancakes for Franklin and Ol’ Man Loper, they were as Frank says, “In tall cotton.”

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Franklin Macon and Elizabeth Harper

Aircraft Industry in the 1930s

One thing that was very important to Frank as he began working on his book was to let readers know what was happening in the flying world while we was growing up. There were so many amazing changes happening. In the aircraft industry, the demand for new planes kept manufacturers busy. Among the innovative products introduced in the 1930s was the Boeing 247, the first modern airliner, which was introduced in 1933. Over in England, Frank Whittle developed the jet plane in 1937. And in 1939, Igor Sikorsky built the first helicopter for mass production. Manufacturers now faced new challenges in machining thin-walled, complex parts for these modern marvels. Source:

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Franklin Macon Library Visit

Franklin Macon, Tuskegee Airman, Visits the Cheyenne Library

It was a great day for Franklin and those in attendance at the Laramie County Library System to kick off Veterans Day weekend! On Saturday, November 10 there were 70 chairs set up for people eager to hear Franklin’s stories about his youth and years at Tuskegee. We were thrilled to see more than 140 people show up. People were standing throughout the room. What a testimony to the patriotism still alive in our country. It was a joy to see young kids listening to every word he had to say, including his answer to a young girl’s question, why didn’t you like school? Because it was school! They made me sit still and be there every day.

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Official Book Launch

It’s Official! Join us at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum on November 20, 2018! Franklin “Never Gives Up.” At 95 years old, Frank invites you to the official release of his book I Wanted to be a Pilot: The Making of a Tuskegee Airman.  Written for the middle reader, Frank’s book is about his childhood years growing up in Colorado Springs, Colorado through his years at Tuskegee University. Join Frank to celebrate this exciting accomplishment!

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Frank gets his letter

It’s Never Too Late to Letter

Recently Franklin Macon returned to his Junior High and the Principal Gave Him A Letter and Pin! You have heard Frank say, “Never Give Up!”  Why? You just never know what will come of it. When Frank attended North Junior High School in 1935, Frank could barely read let alone get an academic letter. Back then, he knew he had to figure reading out. He worked hard. He didn’t like reading, but that was not an excuse to let his dyslexia stop him from reaching a dream. Flying! As you know, Frank did not quit. On Monday, October 8, 2018 Frank showed the world what not quitting looks like. He marched right into to his beloved North Junior High School […]

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Franklin Macon Enters North Middle School

Back in Time for Franklin!

This week Frank and Liz had the pleasure to visit three of Frank’s childhood schools in Colorado Springs. Frank and Liz delivered books to three of the schools Frank attended in his youth. Bristol Elementary, North Middle School and Palmer High School. When Frank attended the schools, North Middle School was called North Junior High and Palmer High School was called Colorado Main High School. Frank was received with open arms. Each school is delighted to add Frank’s book to their library.

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USAF Turns 71

United States Air Force Turned 71!

Frank had the honor of attending the 71st birthday celebration for the United States Air Force at NORAD and U.S. Northern Command on September 18th! He had the privilege to share the stage with his fellow Documented Tuskegee Airmen Col. James Randall. They both inspired the audience with their life reflections of service and overcoming hardships. Frank focused on his love of flight. Frank told how he jumped off the chicken house with his homemade wings, flew his first solo flight as a member of the Colorado Springs Civil Air Patrol, and trained at Tuskegee where he blew out his eardrums.  Frank also shared his struggle with dyslexia, and importance of determination. Frank urged all, “Never Give Up!”

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