Curious Frank

You’ve heard of Curious George before, well that’s how Frank was as a child and still is today!

Frank says he always wanted to learn how things worked. How clocks ticked. How airplanes flew. He wasn’t so keen on learning to read or simple math. Those concepts were hard for him, he didn’t know why at the time, but he learned as an adult that he had dyslexia. Words and numbers jumped around on the paper. That’s why taking items apart and putting them back together is so much easier for Frank. Physical pieces and parts couldn’t move around in his mind.

Frank had some good and not so good lessons with taking things apart! He learned that electricity will ZAP you. He learned how to replace fuses that ran the electricity in his home in 1928. He even got into trouble with the electric company when he plugged too many items into his home’s electric system!

Frank received a watch as a special gift. What did he do? You guessed it. Frank took that Mickey Mouse watch apart. Of course, he got into trouble for that. But do not worry, later in life all that taking things apart and getting into trouble helped Frank. It helped him understand mechanical concepts for his career as a military mechanic.

Even the day Frank got the babysitter in trouble. Frank took it upon himself to pound wooden spools into the kitchen wall. He made an entire gear system. Worked perfectly until the wall cracked and Mama came home. Frank got a spanking and the babysitter got a, serious talkin’ to!

You can see the picture Frank drew of his creation.