Tuskegee Airmen: Legacy of Courage

Photo of an airman

In true Frank fashion, he worked to the very end. In the month prior to his passing, at the age of 97 Frank did more in three weeks than many do in a decade. For those of you who knew Frank, you know there were no excuses. He could no longer walk, but he was not to be stopped and he was going to look good doing it. If he could help a student or share history, he would do just that. 

Frank interviewed with kids who have dyslexia and was honored with an award from the International Dyslexia Foundation-Rocky Mountain Branch. He requested we put on his good white dress shirt, pressed of course, his beloved Tuskegee baseball cap, and leather flight jacket to be wheeled to the front porch. Frank had already donated his Tuskegee blazer to the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum where you can see it on display. On the front porch of his home to receive a second Congressional Gold Medal. This time for serving with the Civil Air Patrol.  He was honored by the likes of Lt. Col. Rochelle Kimbrell (Ret.) the first female African American fighter pilot for the Air Force and Adjutant General of Colorado Brigadier Gen. Laura L. Clellan.

That’s not all. Days prior to returning to his home, the History Channel requested interviews with Frank and fellow Tuskegee Airman and friend Lt. Col. James Harvey III. Winner of the 1949 and very first “Top Gun” competition, Harvey has a great tale to tell as well. Both remarkable men and remarkable stories. The two, along with other Tuskegee Airman such as Brigadier General Charles McGee shared their stories in this new documentary produced by Robin Roberts. A tribute to Tuskegee Airmen like her father Lawrence e. Roberts Sr. will air February 10, 2021 8:00 ET/PT on The History Channel. Be sure to watch.