Frank’s Mama Was a Great Cook!

“It was the depression, but we always had food.” Frank says proudly.

His great aunt who he called Mama was a tremendous cook. She was so good, she became a local cateress. That’s what Franks says. Mama didn’t work for the local butcher, but she was always asked for tips. Mama knew how to prepare venison, rabbit, squirrel, and other wild game.

Mama could take the “dog” meat, which meant the bones left at the butchers and make a delightful soup dinner. When Mama would make potato pancakes for Franklin and Ol’ Man Loper, they were as Frank says, “In tall cotton.”

Frank recalls, “We had a garden and our own chickens.” (A picture of the Chicken house is below) Mama knew how to prepare the best foods. If Frank didn’t get in trouble at school, she would even make his favorite… lemon pie.

Mama was so good at cooking, Frank tells, “Those rich folks over in the Broadmoor called Mama months in advance for her to cook their family recipes and goodies.”

Not everyone had food, but anyone at Frank’s house did. Even the hobos who jumped off the train would come knocking. After doing a little work like chopping wood, Mama filled their bellies.

In Frank’s eyes, Mama was just tremendous at her trade.