Do It Yourself Christmas

Franklin Macon Christmas Blog

How did Frank celebrate Christmas when he was a child?

During the holiday season, Deanna Dyekman, one of our writing partners, sat down with Frank to ask him about his holiday memories. He laughed and described it as a, do it yourself Christmas!

What types of Christmas toys did you receive each year? Frank remembers a Christmas when he was nine or so. He enjoyed a pretty fine train, but he thinks his aunts probably weren’t too pleased.

Now my cousins up the street had an electric train. It was beautiful. It had a fancy track. It had lights that went on and off. I got one that was not near as fancy. I got tired of my cousin braggin’ so I fixed the problem.

It was around Christmas time. I looked at our Christmas tree, all lit up, and I got an idea. I snipped off a couple of Christmas lights and hooked them to my train.

I told my cousins, ‘I have lights on my train, and I did it myself.’

Of course, the Christmas lights on the tree didn’t work anymore, but those train lights worked just fine.