Fridays with Frank!

Franklin Macon and Elizabeth Harper

When your dream becomes a reality, it’s a BIG day!

Franklin Macon, Original Documented Tuskegee Airman, and Elizabeth Harper crossed paths in what would become a wonderful friendship and history making opportunity for both of them. They met years ago in passing. Later, thanks to dear friends Chris and Cindy Knapp, they met again.

Frank always tinkered at Bo Steal Chris’s metal shop. During Chris and Cindy’s anniversary dinner, Liz asked how Frank was doing. Chris responded, “He’s great. His 92nd Birthday is coming up, and I’d love to get him in the air again.” Liz thought, “We live at the United State Air Force Academy, somehow we should be able to make this happen.”

A few phone calls later, it happened. The birthday flight celebrating Frank’s 92nd birthday was planned thanks to the USAFA Public Affairs. Frank was thrilled. Liz, was his driver for the day.

After flying over the Royal Gorge, speaking to Freshman history classes, and an introduction in front of the entire cadet wing, Frank and Liz headed home. In the van, Frank made a simple statement. “All those reporters and others always want me to write a book.”

Liz responded, “Why don’t you?”

“I’m dyslexic.” Frank laughed.

“Do you want help?”

 A week later, they started meeting every Friday to record Frank’s life story and how he became a Tuskegee Airman. Frank the master storyteller shared his childhood antics and struggles with school. The result- I Wanted to be a Pilot-The Making of a Tuskegee Airman.