Frank’s Life in Colorado Springs – The house on Pine Street

Frank's House on Pine Street

Frank was born in 1923. He was raised by his two Great Aunties. Frank called them Mama and Aunt LaLa. They were both widows, so they lived together. They took Frank in when he was two weeks old. Frank’s birth mother was only 14 years old, so she couldn’t raise him. Frank didn’t know who his father was until much later in life. Both his birth mother and father died young. The aunt Frank called Mama, married Frank Loper. Ol’ Man Loper was known all over town. This was the only father figure Frank had in his life. Ol’ Man Loper loved Frank as his own son.

Frank grew up on Pine Street on the west side of Colorado Springs. He attended Bristol Elementary until 6th grade. Bristol closed for renovation, so Frank attended Washington Elementary. He then made it to North Junior High School and Colorado Springs Main High School. Today it is known as Palmer High School.
An interesting fact, the schools Frank attended were not segregated like most of the schools in the east. For this Frank is thankful.

Other than his time at Tuskegee University and two short times to San Francisco, Frank lived in Colorado Springs. Today, Frank still lives in Colorado Springs. He retired from Fort Carson after 23 years where he spent his career doing airplane mechanics.

Frank enjoys Colorado Springs for its history. Of course, he lived much of it. Frank is grateful for the education he received. Today he is a member of the Palmer High School Hall of Fame.