Frank’s Visit with Forest Grove Elementary School

Forest Grove Elementary School

Frank visits via skype with the elementary kids in Mrs Vandenburg’s 4th grade class.

As a child Frank loved to make things and take things apart. In his book, I Wanted To Be A Pilot – The Making of a Tuskegee Airman, he shares some of the toys he used to make. Frank’s co-author, Elizabeth Harper, is from Michigan. So she had many friends and relatives asking her to come visit with Frank. Unfortunately at the last minute Frank was unable to make the trip. Liz and her daughter went ahead, but not before setting up skype on Frank’s computer!

When Frank and Liz commit to something they stick to it! It was Author Day at Forest Grove Elementary School and they didn’t want to miss it! It was also a joy for Liz, since her nephew is in the class!
Frank talked the children through making the tractor toys and racing the tractors. It was a great afternoon for everyone involved. Children don’t get the chance to make homemade toys much these days or to hear living history stories from someone who was there! The tractors are made using a thread spool, thumb tack, rubber band, 2 washers and a toothpick or match stick. The featured image shows the kids with their tractors!
Franklin Macon Tractor Toy
Thank you Forest Grove Elementary School for allowing us to attend your Author Day. We hope the children received as much from the visit as we did!